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Leave bureaucracy behind. Easily enter into agreements backed by Nation3 — the Internet’s first sovereign jurisdiction.

  • Re-use agreement templates
  • Pick your collateral assets and value
  • Agree on terms & sign
  • Should either party breach, qualified Nation3 Judges will make their ruling, enforced through collateral


No need to print, fax, pigeon or take a plane to attend a hearing. No need to wait years for a resolution. This is 2022, not the Stone Age! Welcome to Nation3.

Professional judges

The Nation3 DAO elects vetted professionals to resolve disputes. Judges have skin in the game and are incentivized to make fair rulings.

Limited liability

In Nation3, each party entering an agreement deposits crypto as collateral — the maximum amount they can be liable for, in case of breach. No surprises.

Checks and balances

The Nation3 Constitution lays out the mechanisms for law creation and the separation of powers between the judiciary, the legislative and the executive.

High legal standards

In Nation3 it's unconstitutional to pass law with retroactive effect. Nation3 also adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Encrypted and private

In case of dispute, all communications between the parties and the judges are end-to-end encrypted. And, by law, all evidence must remain private.

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We are building a zero-tax, Web3-powered, solarpunk society. One that serves you, not the other way round.

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