A new nation state

on the cloud

We are building a zero-tax, Web3-powered, solarpunk society. One that serves you, not the other way round.

We have been taught that nation states are ever-lasting institutions that are native to humankind itself.

Yet they have failed us.

We can do better.

Nation3 is on a mission to rebuild nation states into zero-tax, Web3-powered, solarpunk societies.

Solarpunk building
  1. Setting the groundwork

    • Nation3 Manifesto first published + $NATION airdrop. Done
    • 420 Genesis NFT passports launch for co-founding community. Done
    • Kickstart internal economy on Dework. Done
    • Optimize governance process to allow fast-moving, decentralised decisions. Done
    • Build healthy treasury reserves to sustain long term operations
    • Launch the Court system for fair dispute resolution
    • Introduce UBI for Nation3 citizens
    • Launch standard Citizen Passports
  2. Building towards the Nation3 tech stack

    • Add products & services for Nation3 Citizens, such as circles-based insurance and opsec tools
    • Develop key pieces of infrastructure through project Guilds internally
    • Launch Nation3 VC (subject to governance vote) to scout & back external products & services for cloud nations
  3. Establish physical presence

    • Open embassies where citizens can connect IRL
    • Grow a global archipelago of Nation3 territories
    • Negotiate land with Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to establish first tax-free, solar punk cities

Want to co-found a nation?

Join the movement

The Nation3 DAO aims to gather together the builders, creators and artists that are reimagining nation states. We are sailing uncharted waters, and you can be part of our exciting journey today.

Nation3 tech tree

Build towards

the Nation3 stack

Choose a piece of the nation3 infrastructure to focus on, submit a funding proposal, and help us build a better tomorrow.

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Genesis Passports launched